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Page 1 : Letter from the Editor
Page 2 : Chairman's Corner
Page 3 : Thank You Friends
Page 4 & 5: The People At CKRE
Page 6 : Program Notes
Page 7 : New Listeners
Page 8 : Volunteer News

The other week I found myself listening to CKRE with "new ears." I had just returned from holiday, and it was as if I was hearing our Radio Reading Service for the first time. It was quite an experience. I was both amazed and delighted by the quality of broadcast and the excellence of reading.
Of course, all our readers take an audition -- and you can trust me when I say the test isn't easy. It takes a special kind of talent to be able to read out loud. It's one thing to be able to read clearly and accurately, and it's quite another to be able to do so with expression, understanding and at the proper pace.
Then there are our control board operators. This is the group of people you never hear. But they are always there -- keeping the broadcast on the air. Among other things, they take care of the volume control, the music transitions, and getting each program started on time. They also help synchronize our two hour television broadcast of the Herald Leader -- that's on Library Channel 20, on Insight Cable TV, from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 10am.
Also behind the scenes are the management staff who spend many hours planning and coordinating operations. They are the folk who pull it altogether, and just like everyone else at CKRE they too are volunteers.
In fact, it takes more than 60 volunteers a week to get our broadcast on the air. Thanks to them CKRE reaches out to listeners in over 35 Central Kentucky counties. Best of all, it does so every day in an amazingly professional and friendly manner.
So next time you tune into CKRE, be sure to listen with "new ears!" You too will be surprised by what you hear.

Sincerely, Margaret Chase
Executive Director

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Power of the press. All of us have heard that remark, and a recent feature article in the Community Section of the Lexington Herald Leader brought it home to CKRE. As a result of the article about CKRE, we were swamped with calls from people wanting to volunteer and others requesting our radio receivers so they could hear our 24 hour programming. Even though we have been on the air since 1990, many visually impaired and physically handicapped people in Central Kentucky have been unaware of our Radio Reading Service -- but due to the "Power of the Press" we are now becoming known as never before. Also, our listeners may not notice any change but as of July 31, 2002 we are broadcasting on a fiber optical digital system along with our "Big Brother," WUKY.

Tom Dixon

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Every day CKRE volunteers read the printed word to our listeners. But in order to do this, we rely on the many editors and publishers who donate their newspapers, magazines and health periodicals. Central Kentucky Radio Eye thanks the following publishers for their help and generosity:

Lexington Herald Leader
Louisville Courier Journal
Danville Advocate Messenger
The Frankfort State Journal
Mount Sterling Advocate
The Winchester Sun
Back Home in Kentucky
Appalachian Heritage
Kentucky Explorer
The Lane Report
Kentucky Monthly
Harvard Health Letter
Mayo Clinic Health Letter
Johns Hopkins Health Letter
Coping With Cancer
Coping With Allergies & Asthma
Harvard Women's Health
Harvard Men's Health
University of California Berkley Wellness Letter

I.B.M. Gifts In Kind Program, Ashland Inc,
Gerald & Ginger Hodges, Loretto Canty,
Central KY Area CFC, Nancy Frantsuog, Philip A Harmon,
Dr Timothy & Sue Overman, Curt & Gerry Northcutt,
Herb Pettersen, Lexington Signal Depot Retirees,
Pat & Sue Shugars, Garland Sims, Jewel Vanderhoef
Orville & Reba Vandermale in honor of Charlton & Barbara Mabry
Memorial Gift from Matt & Betty Gibbs in honor of Marvin Wilson

Recently Paul Willis retired as Director of UK Libraries. It was a sad day for many, and especially for us at CKRE. When we were in the process of forming our Radio Reading Service, it was Paul who came to our rescue and found a home for our studio in the King Library on the UK campus. That was over eleven years ago, and since that time he has been a friend and supporter in many ways. Thank you Paul, we were fortunate to have had a friend like you.

One year anniversary! For the past year, the volunteer readers at Central Kentucky Radio have enjoyed cool, refreshing spring water donated by the Highbridge Spring Water Company. CKRE thanks Highbridge Springs for their kindness and generosity - you help make our broadcast even better!

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The Sports Program is broadcast Monday to Friday at 12.30pm
Saturdays at 10am and Sundays at 11am
So please stay tuned : We want to introduce you to our Sports Readers

Tom White is no stranger to our listeners. He's been with CKRE over eighteen months, and he can be heard reading Sports on Mondays and Fridays -- and until just recently on Wednesdays too. Nor is Tom a stranger to the sports world. After graduating from UK with a degree in Journalism he embarked on a career as a sports writer. Some ten years later he moved into publicity with the US Trotting Association in Columbus, Ohio. From 1975 to 89 he was publicity director for the Red Mile in Lexington, where he continues to work part-time. And in the early 90s he took on the challenge of publicity director for the Little Brown Jug (harness racing's biggest event) in Ohio,
Born and raised in Indiana, Tom married his college sweetheart Frankie, and they have 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Tom has many hobbies and interests, and he especially enjoys his grandchildren and family vacations. He is also active in church and is a Donovan Scholar. So we consider ourselves lucky that he finds time in his busy life for reading Sports at CKRE.

Jim Barton has a great voice, which is no surprise because Jim is the owner of Barton Voice, providing corporate and commercial voice-over recordings. You may have heard him on KET -- he makes their underwriter announcements for the Nova series. He's also been involved with many other ventures including five years as Public Address Announcer for the KY Thoroughblades.
In 1993 Jim, his wife Sharon, and their two children moved to Lexington from Chicago. We are glad they did.
Back in the 80's Jim used to read for a Chicago service like CKRE. So please tune into CKRE Sports at 12.30pm each Tuesday -- we think you will agree that the Windy City's loss has been our gain.

Carl Frey is a native of Louisville. He is married with a son Jeff, and three daughters - who have the neatest names: Paige, Alycia and Dayna - as well as 9 grandchildren. He has a BA in Business Administration from Bellarmine College; and during his 33 year career with Valvoline Oil he rose through the ranks in sales and then marketing to become Senior Vice President of Valvoline, and President of Valvoline Car Care Products (Automotive Chemicals). Carl was the original chairman of the Indy Car Sponsor's Council, and closer to home he served ten years as Chairman of the Bluegrass State Games.
Carl tells us he especially enjoys golf, as well as traveling and reading. And since he retired in 1996 he and his wife Rosemary divide their time between Venice, Florida and Lexington.
Carl joined CKRE this past July, after reading about us in the Herald Leader. He's now reading Sports for us on Wednesday mornings - and with his great voice, Carl is one more reason for you to listen to CKRE.

Clint Collins is from Cincinnati. He has been at UK since 1996 where he teaches philosophy of education in the Dept of Educational Policy Studies. He earned his PhD from Indiana University, and he and his wife Georgia have a son, two daughters and two granddaughters.
Clinton has always enjoyed reading newspapers and reading aloud, but he hadn't heard of CKRE until earlier this spring when he read about it in a UK publication. Well, we're pleased he did, because he's also an avid UK basketball fan, enjoys tennis, biking and walking - which means he brings a good all round knowledge and interest to our Thursday Sports Program.

Tom Dixon - Besides many other responsibilities, Tom reads Sports for us on Saturday mornings. A native of Lexington, Tom and his wife Ruth have four daughters, one son and eight grandchildren in Lexington and Orlando. He is a Navy Veteran, and former Chief Enforcement Officer for the State Insurance Department. And he's also been in the horse business many years. As the owner of Dixon Adjusters, Inc. he has handled many equine claims, including such famous horses as Secretariat and Alydar.
Tom previously volunteered at Central Baptist Hospital where he earned his 1000 hour pin. However, we can tell you he has earned that -- and more -- at CKRE. He started as a reader in 1996. He is also a member of the CKRE Executive Committee which is responsible for the management and operation of the studio. And as the Chairman of the Board of CKRE he played a major role in getting part of our morning broadcast onto Library Channel 20 -- on Insight Cable Television.
And if you tune in at 10am each Saturday, you will not only hear a half hour of Sports on CKRE you get to hear Tom's well-known closing line: "Be good sports ............... fans!"

Al Crabb needs no introduction for many of our regular listeners. He not only founded and started CKRE in 1990, he continues to read and volunteer numerous hours in the studio. He's also our Sunday Sports reader.
A retired English professor with a unique and amusing sense of humor, he is a "wordsmith" with a flair for spinning a yarn and giving dramatic readings of "Letters to the Editor."
In a recent interview he claimed (his choice of words) many of the following facts are true!! He had a double major in college of English and Chemistry, but when the Army tried to send him to chemical warfare school, he left the laboratory and headed for books. And in the same interview, when asked for details about his poetry writing (again in his own words) he remarked that he had once written a limerick that won him a T-shirt. He also indicated that although he may never get rich on poetry, at least he'll still have the shirt on his back.
So what -- you may wonder -- does Al do when he's not reading or writing, or entertaining the folk CKRE? Well the answer is he and his wife Lucy go off globe trotting to such distant places as Egypt, Antarctica and the Amazon. They have been to over 65 countries, and during the course of this interview he also mentioned he's planning to visit Croatia, Sicily and other places - and that maybe CKRE listeners might like to take up a collection so he can retire to Venice, Italy, and become a glass blower as a way to utilize some of his hot air!!

And that was a look at our CKRE Sports Readers. We hope you enjoyed meeting them, as much as we enjoy working with them.

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MONEY SIDE OF CKRE - Here's a reminder about a locally produced program, which is broadcast every Saturday at 10:30am on CKRE. If you would like to hear a good variety of financial tips and information this is for you. Tom Dixon reads selections from the Lexington Herald Leader, the Courier Journal and many other sources that hav financial items of current interest. Emphasis is placed on Question and Answer formats. So please tune in Saturdays at 10:30am to the Money Side of CKRE.

TELEVISION BROADCAST - CKRE's two hour reading of the Lexington Herald Leader can now be heard on Library Channel 20 -- that's on Insight Cable TV -- Monday through Saturday from 8am to 10am. Earlier this year, thanks to the generosity of Good Samaritan Foundation, Pearle Vision Foundation and many other "Friends of CKRE," we began this new service for the benefit of any visually and physically disabled member in our community. The Lexington Public Library kindly provides us with access to their Library Channel 20, and the Lexington Herald Leader continues their support by providing us with complimentary copies of the paper.

INTOUCH NETWORK - As most of our listeners already know, each afternoon and throughout the night CKRE provides readings of national newspapers and other national publications through our affiliation with InTouch Network in New York. A full lineup is listed in our CKRE Program Guide, however, we draw listeners' attention to a change in the Program Guide for the following InTouch programs.

Prime Time Radio and
51% & The Health Show

These programs have been switched around. This means Prime Time can now be heard Sundays at 1pm replayed at 9pm, and The 51% & Health Show can be heard at 2pm replayed at 10pm.

SATELLITE LINK - Thanks again to a grant from The Good Samaritan Foundation we have been able to purchase digital equipment so that CKRE may continue to access InTouch programming for our listeners. We apologize to our listeners for the occasional interruptions to our broadcast during the past weeks. These were due to the installation process being carried out, and Central Kentucky Radio Eye appreciates and thanks WUKY for helping us with this conversion project.

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We hope our new listeners are enjoying our 24 hour Radio Reading Service. If you have any questions or comments about the broadcast, or any problems with your radio, please call us at Central Kentucky Radio Eye. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 1pm (Saturday and Sundays 9am to noon). Just ask for one of the staff, or leave a message on the answering machine and we will call you back. The number is (area code 859) 257-2702. And now - a big hello to the following new listeners:

Fred Belsak, Shawn Childers, Faith Dickerson,
Doretha Erwin, Mary Anne Farris, Dr H B Feather,
Patsy Harp, Blanch Scott Hensley, Phillip E Hodges,
Ruth Luxon, Clarence Malone, Iola L Martin,
Ralph McKenzie, Abner L Perkins, Pat Phillips,
Diane B Ross, Bettie P Ruggler, Carrie Shumate,
Paul Slaughter, Ted Tiemeyer, Rebecca VanMeter,
Cassie Watson, Geobal J Wright, Jack B Whitaker

And also a warm welcome to Cardinal Hill Adult Day Health
and the Wesley Village Residents

For the benefit of all our listeners we would like to tell you about The Book Buddies Program of the Lexington Public Library.
The Book Buddies Program is now accepting applications from home-bound adults in Fayette County who would like a volunteer to bring them library materials. This is a free service of the Library, and all volunteers have been screened by the Police Department in a records check.
The way the Program works is one volunteer is assigned to one home-bound adult, and that volunteer brings the library materials to the patron's home. The volunteer and the patron make their own arrangements as to how often the volunteer visits, and how many books the volunteer brings. The volunteer uses the patron's library card, and the patron is never fined for overdue books.
We are told that Book Buddy volunteers are all ages; that they cover all areas of Fayette County; and they will visit people in nursing homes, retirement communities, apartments and private homes.
If you would like to get more information, the person to contact is Annette Mayer, Coordinator of the Book Buddies Program. And her telephone number is 231-5592.

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Loretto Canty - Loretto has recently retired from CKRE. She led the Herald Leader team on Sunday mornings and had been with us since CKRE first began. Thank you Loretto for your help and support (and the boxes of donuts) over the past eleven years.

Gene Radin - Gene read Sports on Thursdays for many years. He has now retired owing to other commitments. Thank you Gene for all your help. You were always there, come rain or shine. And by the way, we never knew you were a poet too!

Which means Joyce is also back taking care of the Control Board and other duties on Thursdays and Fridays. Following her accident, Joyce McGuire and her Guide Dog, Glider, were out of the office for several weeks -- so we are really pleased to see them back.

Welcome to the following new readers who recently joined CKRE: Clinton Collins, Carl Frey, Billi Docherty, Joan Grever, Georgia Hall, Kim Harmon, Tanya Krukemeier, John McQuiston, Bob Rogers, Collette Strother, and John Witt. We are so glad to have you.

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Radio Eye
Published quarterly by Central Kentucky Radio Eye, Inc University Station Box 1030 Lexington, KY 40506 (859) 257-2702.

Editor: Margaret Chase
Radio Eye is printed through the kindness and generosity of Ashland Inc.

Permission is granted to reprint any of this material as long as full credit is given, and the same permission is granted to other users. Central Kentucky Radio Eye is an independent, non-profit radio reading service for the print-handicapped population of Central Kentucky. We always welcome contributions of time or money from any interested party. If you want information about our free service, know someone who does, or would like to receive this newsletter,
please call us at (859) 257-2702 or email us at You may also visit our website at

CKRE Board of Directors
Tom Dixon, Chairman
Margaret Chase, Secretary
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer
Jeff Franklin, Linda Gorton, Marge Holmes,
Maggie Johnson, Jim Kemp,
Cheryl Neff, Herb Pettersen

CKRE Executive Committee
Tom Dixon, Chairman of the Board
Margaret Chase, Executive Director
Joyce McGuire, Office Manager
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer

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