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CKRE - Newsletter (Summer 2001)

Page 1 : Letter from Editor
Page 2 : Chairman’s Corner
Page 3 : Thank You
Page 4 & 5 : Volunteers
Page 6 : Program Notes
Page 7 : New People
Page 8 : Program Guide

It’s 8am, on July 2nd, at Kentucky’s only Radio Reading Service for blind, visually impaired and physically handicapped people. Strauss’s “Morning Papers Waltz” fills the air. Jack Rogers announces, “Good Morning. This is Central Kentucky Radio Eye.” Then the music fades away - and our three volunteer readers begin the usual live broadcast of the reading of the Lexington Herald Leader. Sounds like just another day - or is it?
Let’s turn back the clock to Monday the 2nd. It’s now 6.30am at the CKRE studio, and our copies of the Herald Leader are not in the mailbox. (Always a bad sign!) A brief hike to a newspaper vending machine reveals it too is empty; and back at the studio there are still no papers. Panic sets in and a call is made to the Herald Leader. Luckily, the Circulation Manager, Phil Johnson is at his desk. He tells us the printing presses broke down in the night, but now they are up and running, and he will send our papers as soon as he can.
Meanwhile, the coffee pot is on, the controls are set, and by 7.15am the first of our readers has just arrived. Five minutes later we are deep in discussion about what to do, when to our delight Phil walks in with three daily papers. (One for each reader.) Thank you we say with a sigh of relief. Then the articles to be read are duly marked - and we go on the air with papers that are literally “hot off the press.”
Turns out on July 2nd very few people enjoyed the Herald Leader with their juice and coffee. In fact many did not receive it until after lunch. But this was not the case for our listeners. Thanks to Phil and the Herald Leader - and of course our ever faithful readers - it was business as usual at CKRE!

Sincerely, Margaret Chase
Executive Director

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We have good news for our listeners! It now appears we will be getting our signal into the Louisville area. This is due to a commitment we have received from the Governor’s Office for Technology in Frankfort. As we understand it, they are placing additional two-way microwave signals to the KET site they have to serve that area. At this time, their Director does not foresee any problems with adding us to the circuit. Stay tuned. Central Kentucky Radio Eye has also been working on another project for getting our audio signal out to our listeners in Fayette County. We are all very excited about this new venture, which involves cable television. We hope to be more specific in the coming weeks concerning a possible on-air date. Once again - stay tuned!

Tom Dixon

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Nothing fancy, nothing loud ..... Just simple words to a Special Crowd:

For their generous donations to the CKRE Endowment Fund our heartfelt appreciation and thanks go to:
The Mildred V Horn Foundation
The Lexington Junior League

Central Kentucky Radio Eye wishes to thank:
Highbridge Spring Water Company

They think our volunteers do a great job and have kindly donated cool, refreshing bottled spring water for our readers

Thanks also to all our Listeners and Friends who recently sent donations:
Michael Barnard, Metropolitan Women’s Club,
Roi-Ann & David Bettez, Curt & Gerry Northcutt,
Dr Robert Boettner, Timothy & Sue Overman,
Berea Lions Club, Fon Rogers II, Central KY Area CFC,
Alice Ross, Ralph & Reba Cotton, Mary Jo Sharp,
Jane Congleton, James A Thomas, Charles Courtiour,
Margaret Triplett, KPR Bluegrass East,
United Way of the Tri-State, Don & Wilma Lange,
Joseph S Wile, Gail S Lincoln, Bill & Ann Withington

In order to improve our service, Central Kentucky Radio Eye is conducting a Listener Survey. You will shortly be receiving this in the mail. We hope youi will complete and return the survey to CKRE. Your thoughts and opinions are extremely important to us - so please take this opportunity to let us know what you like, and what you don’t like!

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Although Central Kentucky Radio Eye celebrated its tenth birthday in November 2000 -- when we added up all the years individual volunteers have been with us, we suddenly discovered we were very much older! Several volunteers have been with CKRE since it was founded in 1990 by Al Crabb. Below is a list of our active volunteers along with the number of years they have been with us:

........ Herald Leader Courier Journal
MONDAYS Jack Rogers (6 yrs)
Muzzy Hemken (5)
Al Crabb (11+)
Judy Engelberg (10)
TUESDAYS Tom Dixon (5)
Margaret Heaton (11)
Audrey Vough (11)
Tom Dixon (5)
Adam Bruns (5)
WEDNESDAYS Jim Kemp (10)
Chris Vanderhoof (9)
Margaret Chase (5)
Betty Stewart (5)
Ed Van Hook (5)
THURSDAYS Ken Kurtz (11)
Sally Kintner (10)
Chris Ekris (3)
John Swift (9)
Maureen Wrobel (2)
FRIDAYS Emily Demarest (11)
Bill Withington (10)
Hugh Henderson (7)
Al Kaeder (7)
Bob Naydan (8)
SATURDAYS Natalie Cummins (3)
Richard Martin (3)
Phil Muenks (9)
Janet Cowen (5 mos)
Maryjean Wall (2)
Kathy Goss (8 mos)
SUNDAYS Loretto Canty (10)
David Werhle (10)
Paul Davin (6)
Al Crabb (11+)

Regional Papers
Mount Sterling: Terry Green (6 mos)
Danville Advocate: Laura Knight (2)
Bluegrass Section: John George (3)
Frankfort State: Franklin McGuire(1)
Winchester Sun: Bill Mott (3)
Health Corner & Kentucky Series
Margaret Chase, Production
Matt Gibbs, Health Editor & Research
Jewel Vanderheof (11), Al Crabb (11), Maureen Wrobel (2),
Laura Knight (2), Herb Pettersen (1), Lisa Murphy (1),
Kathy Goss (8mos), Terry Green (6mos), Janet Cowen (6mos),
Gwyn Singer (5mos), Patricia Wheatley (5mos)
Sports & Moneyside
Tom White (1)
Jeff Franklin (4)
Samantha Clarke (2)
Gene Radin (9)
Al Crabb (11)
Tom Dixon (5)

Control Board Operators
Joyce McGuire (11)
Margaret Chase (5)
Tom Dixon (5)
Al Crabb (11)
Gwyn Singer (5 mos)
Radio Repairs and Engineer
John Mau (4)
Gordon Brandenburg (3)

“We are very fortunate to have so many volunteers, who give of their time and talent over the years. And we hope our listeners will continue to enjoy Central Kentucky Radio Eye”

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Health Corner - Weekdays at 10am - The response to the new program time has been very positive, and we appreciate all the calls we have received from listeners. Since our last newsletter we aired a number of special health series, including information on Asthma & Allergies, Skin Conditions, and The Eye. In response to a listener request we were able to provide material on Retinitis Pigmentosa, and recently we have begun offering readings from “Vim & Vigor,” a magazine put out by Norton Health Care of Louisville. Beginning August we will be airing two short series on Parkinsons Disease and on Osteoporosis. Also, listeners will want to listen out for readings from Ladies’ Home Journal - "Guide to Women’s Health". This publication has several good, easy listening sections that we plan to air during September and October.

Kentucky Series - Weekdays at 12 noon - In this program we read Kentucky related books, and other materials of local interest. If you have not got round to listening to this program, please give it a try. In May/June we broadcast The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver - and one of our listeners called in to tell us she thought our version, read by CKRE volunteer Maureen Wrobel, was both enjoyable and very professional. In September we will begin broadcasting selected short stories from Homeland - again by the same Kentucky author and read by Maureen. We also plan to air a two part Biography Series that we have put together on several well-known Kentucky personalities. And during the coming weeks we will continue reading selections from Don Edward’s highly entertaining book Life Is Like A Horse Race, which we began to read in July. In addition to the above, there will be our regular readings from the Kentucky Monthly and the Kentucky Explorer magazines. So please join us weekdays at noon, and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any suggestions or comments you would like to make.

Herald-Leader Sports - Monday thru Friday at 12.30 pm, Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 11am - Finally, we would like to hear from our sports listeners. Please call Tom Dixon at 257-2702 and let us know at what point in the program you prefer to hear the radio and TV game schedules. And “Thanks for being good sports - fans!”

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Volunteers - We are always looking for new volunteers, so we are very happy to welcome Don Lowe and Kevin Simone. They joined us in June, and can both be heard reading magazines. Also, it is a pleasure to welcome back Marvin Wilson, who has recently been substituting for some of our live readers.

Listeners - CKRE would like to say hello, and wish a warm welcome to the following new listeners:

Margaret Cunningham, Alline Ellis, Francis Harrison,
Doris Henry, Jane Kelley, Lorine Paulson,
Earl G Robbins, Vivian Louise Saylor

If for any reason, you no longer need or want our service, please return the radio to Central Kentucky Radio Eye, University Station Box 1030, Lexington, Kentucky 40506. Mark the box “Free Matter for the Blind” where the postage stamp would normally go. We can then send the radio to another listener who is in need of our service.

Too much static? Something has broken? Please call us and let us know if there is anything wrong with your CKRE radio. We want our listeners to get the best reception possible. We will be happy to work with you to solve the problem. And that number to call - 257-2702.

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Thanks to CKRE volunteers Margaret Chase and Janet Cowen, we now have an up-to-date Program Guide that we have begun sending out to new listeners. The Guide contains all the recent CKRE program changes, as well as other changes related to InTouch Networks programming. We hope to send our updated Program Guide to all our listeners - and if anyone is able to help us out by providing CKRE with free copying for the Guide, or with a donation toward printing costs we would truly appreciate it. For more information, please call us at 257-2702 and ask for Margaret Chase or Tom Dixon - or mail a donation to CKRE at University Station Box 1030, Lexington, Kentucky 40506. And as always, thank you everyone for your help, support and generosity

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Radio Eye
Published quarterly by Central Kentucky Radio Eye, Inc University Station Box 1030 Lexington, KY 40506 (859) 257-2702.

Editor: Margaret Chase
Produced with the help of Kathy Goss and the kindness and generosity of Ashland Inc

Permission is granted to reprint any of this material as long as full credit is given, and the same permission is granted to other users. Central Kentucky Radio Eye is an independent, non-profit radio reading service for the print-handicapped population of Central Kentucky. We always welcome contributions of time or money from any interested party. If you want information about our free service, know someone who does, or would like to receive this newsletter, please call us at (859) 257-2702.

CKRE Board of Directors
Tom Dixon, Chairman
Margaret Chase, Secretary
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer
Jeff Franklin, Linda Gorton, Marge Holmes,
Maggie Johnson, Jim Kemp, Cheryl Neff,
Herb Pettersen, Harold White

CKRE Executive Committee
Tom Dixon, Chairman of the Board
Margaret Chase, Executive Director
Joyce McGuire, Office Manager
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer

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