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Page 1 : Letter from the Editor
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Page 3 : Good Things at CKRE
Page 4 : The People At CKRE
Page 5 : In Memory Of...
Page 6 : Program Notes
Page 7 : The CKRE Survey
Page 8 : Volunteers AT CKRE

Hello again Listeners and Friends. For those of you who may not have heard the news, we are delighted to say that Central Kentucky Radio Eye recently expanded its broadcasting service.
In addition to our 24 hour Radio Reading Service, we are now broadcasting the reading of the Lexington Herald Leader on Insight Cable Television.
Since March this year visually and physically handicapped residents in Lexington, Fayette County and parts of Jessamine County have been able to tune into Cable Channel 20 -- the Library Channel -- to hear the reading of the Herald Leader Monday through Friday, 8am to 10am.
This added service to the community is made possible through the Lexington Public Library and the Lexington Herald Leader, together with major start-up funds from the Good Samaritan Foundation and the Pearle Foundation. Thanks to these “Friends of CKRE” and the many others, who helped make this project a reality, we can now reach out and serve many more print handicapped people than ever before.
Listeners still need a special CKRE radio to pick up our full 24 hour broadcast of newspapers and magazines. But now those people with Insight Library Channel 20 have the added option of hearing the 2 hour reading of the Herald Leader on television.
Additionally, listeners with a VCR can videotape our cable TV broadcast to be played back later. Over the years, the rebroadcast of the Herald Leader has been one of the most asked for requests from our listeners. With this in mind, we think our new television broadcast will go a long way toward helping to meet this need.

Sincerely, Margaret Chase
Executive Director

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As noted in Margaret’s column we are now broadcasting live, the Lexington Herald Leader every weekday morning from 8 to 10am. In order to do this we had a great deal of financial and moral help from many persons including a number of University of Kentucky Departments, the WT Young Library and WUKY’s transmitting facility. Special thanks also to the Good Samaritan Foundation and the Pearle Vision Foundation, as well as Lexington Junior League for their help in the office.
We are continuing our efforts to extend our service to the Louisville area as well as Eastern and Western Kentucky.
Finally, my special thanks goes to all our “Friends of CKRE.” This spring edition makes note of many of our individual and corporate donors. Our service continues day in and day out, only with their help along with the most dedicated volunteers to be found anywhere.

Tom Dixon

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Central Kentucky Radio Eye wishes to thank the following organizations and individuals for making good things happen at Central Kentucky Radio Eye. Grants and donations go wholly into CKRE - and it is through the kindness and generosity of the following “Friends of CKRE” that we have been able to fund the start-up of our cable television broadcast, purchase satellite equipment to meet new digital broadcasting standards, and at the same time continue and maintain our 24 hour Radio Reading Service.

Good Samaritan Foundation
The Lexington Junior League
Lexington Lions Club
Pearle Vision Foundation
University of Kentucky
Lexington Public Library
WUKY Public Radio
Bluegrass Runners

Anonymous of Lexington
Ashland Inc
South Lexington Lions Club
Lee E Holmes
Verizon Foundation

Griff & Carolyn Anderson, Stanley & Jessie Baugh, Roi-Ann & David Bettez,
John & Annette Biehl, Gordon Brandenburg, Charles Bringardner,
Margorie Brookshire, Norman Chrisman Jr, Charles V Courtiour,
Al Crabb, Natalie Cummins, Vicki Durkin,
William & Nancy Ehmann, Larry Elliott DMD, Warren Fischer,
Jeff Franklin, David & Brenda Fulcher, James & Virginia Green,
Richard & Cynthia Heine, Claudia Haller, Henry Hinkle,
Robert & Brenda Hilligus, Gerald & Ginger Hodges, Dr Phillip H Hoffman,
Glenda & David Huff, Tom Jenkins, T P Jones,
Michael Kearns, Billy & Jane Kelley, Jana Koehler,
Evangeline & William Lear, John & Debra Lynn, Barbara Mabry,
James Mahan, Dr James Matthews, John Mau,
Mildred Maxey, Alex Miller, Isaac Moore,
Dr Timothy & Sue Overman, Bonnie & Rowland Pagan,
Mary Jean & Cameron Peck, Kurt & Linda Pettersen, Fred Porter,
David F Pratt, Philip Rose, Dr John Hill Saunders,
Marge & Bill Sawran, Sandra Goodman Schofer, Lynwood Schrader,
Kathy & Kendell Seaton, Miriam & Jas Sekhon, Ken Smith,
James E Spiker, Chester J & Helen S Stevenson, Vilva & Arthur Stovall,
Norman & Evelyn Taylor, Patricia Tuttle, United Way of Tri-State,
Laurance VanMeter, Verizon & Kathy Goss, Dr Gary Wallace,
Juanita Wells, Joseph Wile Snr, Vernon & Donna Wiehe,
Eugene Williams, Bill & Anne Withington, Christian R Worth,
Lou Worthington

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Listeners know their voices! But who are the readers behind those voices? Here to meet you are two of ‘The People at CKRE.’

Jim Kemp a native of Adair Co. KY, was the youngest of ten children. And we understand he had lots of attention! Now living in Lexington, Jim (79) and his wife Helen have a daughter Bonnie Collins of Paris, a son James W Kemp of Lexington, as well as four grand-daughters and one great granddaughter.
During WWII Jim served in the US Army Air Corps. He was Navigator on a B-24 Bomber based in Italy, and I asked him did he ever get shot at during combat missions? I knew this was a silly question the minute I asked it. However, Jim simply replied with a big grin: “All the time!” Which just goes to show he was not only an officer he is a gentleman with a sense of humor.
Jim has a BS and MS from University of Kentucky. And after earning his PhD at the University of Illinois, he went on to join the faculty of the UK Dept of Animal Science in 1952 until he retired in 1989.
During his career he was Chairman of the UK Senate Council, Member of the UK Board of Trustees, as well as a Fulbright Scholar in New Zealand. Among his many honors and awards, he served as President of the American Meat Science Association, and was elected Fellow of both the American Society of Animal Science and the Institute of Food Technology.
Jim joined CKRE in 1990. He reads on Wednesday mornings and is also a member of the Board of Directors. Two years ago he was inducted into the Lions Club Hall of Fame, and besides enjoying golf, bridge and reading, Jim sings in his church choir and teaches Sunday school.

Margaret Heaton joined CKRE partly because she loves to read and partly because her late husband had macular degeneration. That was in November 1990, and come rain or shine she has been reading for us ever since.
There are also many more people - besides our Tuesday morning listeners - who will know her voice. Margaret, a graduate of Transylvania, was a teacher at Lafayette High School for 39 years, where - in her own words - she taught English to both the willing and the unwilling.
Margaret tells us that although she comes from a Mercer County background, she was actually raised in East Tennessee - and that her mother lived to the remarkable age of 103. Margaret has a daughter, Mary Margaret Heaton, two grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. And when Margaret is not visiting her family, she enjoys walking her little dog and watching sports.
As a member of the Women’s Club of Central Kentucky Margaret has been active in many service projects, including the book club. And if you want to see her smile serve her chicken Caesar salad and if you want to see her frown try criticizing the education system. However, we want to assure you Margaret has a very good sense of humor, and it often comes through in her friendly, easy-listening reading style.

So be sure to tune in both on a Tuesday and a Wednesday from 8am to 10am to hear the Herald Leader and two of “The People At CKRE.”

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It is with the deepest regret that we announce that Marvin Wilson Jr, age 75, died on Monday April 1, 2002.
Marvin joined CKRE in 1994 when he moved to Lexington from Beavercreek, Ohio. He was a volunteer reader for several years and a regular member of the Wednesday team, reading the Herald Leader, until his health eventually led to his retirement. However, he continued to help out as a substitute reader until the end of last year.
A native of Morehead, Marvin served in the US Navy during WW II. He edited three regional newspapers in Morehead, Greenup and Grayson; and until he retired after 25 years in federal service he was Chief of Media Relations at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.
Surviving are his wife Jean, a son and a daughter, and three grand-children. Two of his grandsons sang a hymn at his memorial service at South Elkhorn Christian Church, where Marvin was a member, and he took part in the church’s Tape Ministry.
Marvin held a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. And aside from playing golf and having a sweet tooth, he liked to read - which was apparent in his excellent professional reading skills at CKRE.
Marvin was much admired at CKRE. His friendly smile and his hallmark flat cap are sadly missed, and he is affectionately remembered by all of us who knew and worked with him.

We want to put some photographs of listeners onto our website. Any listener who has a spare photo of them self (if possible listening to their CKRE radio) may send it to us. If you have any comments (good ones we hope!) we would like them too. We will then select two or three photographs to post on our website. Unfortunately, we will not be able to return any listeners’ photographs sent to us. And for those who would like to visit our website you can find us at

If you are wondering about the size of the print in this Newsletter: we use 16 point font because 14 point font (or larger) is the federal/post office standard for printed material for visually handicapped readers. Many listeners with limited vision can manage to read this size print with the help of a visual aid. Also, our listeners may have family or friends who find it easier to read this large print.

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Health Corner - Every weekday at 10am CKRE volunteers read health and wellness periodicals from several reliable medical sources including Harvard Men’s & Women’s Health, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Health After 50 and the California Berkley Health Letter. All these health- letters are kindly donated by their publishers; and we are pleased to say Coping With Allergies & Asthma and Coping With Cancer have recently been added to our Health Corner program thanks to the generosity of their publishers. Also, in our Health Corner, coming soon, a four-part series entitled The Sensitive Gut, which is from the Harvard Medical School publishers.

Kentucky Series - In this program, which can be heard weekdays at 12 noon, CKRE volunteers read from such great magazines as Kentucky Explorer, Appalachian Heritage, Back Home in Kentucky, and The Lane Report. All four magazines are donated to CKRE compliments of their publishers - and the recent addition of The Lane Report is in response to listeners’ requests for more local business related material.

In Touch Network - Each afternoon and throughout the night CKRE provides readings of national newspapers and other national publications through our affiliation with InTouch Network in New York. A full lineup is listed in our CKRE Program Guide, however, we wish to draw listeners’ attention to two interesting and informative health programs.

About Your Health can be heard at 6pm every Monday on CKRE. This hour long program gives consumer guides, and contains a weekly review on a wide variety of health related matters.

The People’s Pharmacy is an hour long program that can be heard at 7pm every Thursday. This great show covers such subjects as prescription and OTC drugs, home remedies, FDA warnings, the latest health headlines, and a wide variety of health tips and treatments. The People’s Pharmacy comes highly recommended by Joyce McGuire our Office Manager.

AARP Publication - Some of our listeners have said they wish they knew ahead of time when they can expect to hear The AARP Bulletin. At the moment we have to fit this monthly magazine into weekday mornings where we can. However, we want to let you know we are looking into ways to read the AARP Bulletin on a more regular basis.

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Last fall a Listener Survey went out to 400 people. Almost a quarter replied, and we want to thank you for this great response. Many listeners told us they had to wait several weeks for a friend or relative to fill out the Survey on their behalf. One listener took almost four months to return hers -- but what she said about CKRE was so appreciative and positive that it was certainly well worth waiting for!
As for the results of the Survey, we were pleased to see that almost everyone listens to the Herald Leader. Two people said they could not, due to their work schedules. (They may be able to program their VCRs Monday through Friday to tape our broadcast on Library Channel 20.)
Over 50% (of which two thirds were women) said they regularly listen to the Health Corner. One listener also phoned in to tell us she was excited to be starting a part-time job, but that she will be sorry to miss the Health Corner.
The Survey also showed almost 60% listen to our Kentucky Series; that half our Sports listeners are women; and that more than 50% of listeners regularly tune into our afternoon and evening broadcast.
Comments ranged from “love the programs and the station” to “listen to the Health Corner every day.” And in response to our question: what would you change? Listeners overwhelmingly said we should stay the same.
Finally, we learned that 17 listeners have Internet access, so if you want to e-mail us you can do so at We would truly love to hear from you.
Once again, thank you for taking the time and effort to complete and return the CKRE Listener Survey.

Matthew J Amato, Edgar W Baker, Josephine Bradshaw,
Hazel Canter, Mary Carpenter, Jane Childers,
Mary R Clay, Deltoria Coney, Lula V Dowden,
Alpheus Hatfield, Billy Jackson, Alex Miller,
Jennie Ostrander, Fred Robey, Ms Rufus Rogers,
Lillian Ryan, Lucy Prichard, Elizabeth M Wagner,
Edgar Wilson

We would also remind everyone that CKRE is not just for the visually impaired. Our reading service is for people with physical handicaps through MS, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, arthritis, and those who have difficulty reading the printed word due to the natural aging process. In fact anyone who cannot hold, turn or read a page may apply for our 24 hour Radio Reading Service. Just give us a call at (859)257-2702.

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New Volunteers - We have three new readers at CKRE: They are UK students: Walker Sloan, Aaron Vissman and Michael Owen. We also have two new Control Board Operators. Please welcome John Kleinman on Mondays and Wednesdays and Vanessa Oliver on Tuesdays.

On The Mend - Our Office Manager Joyce McGuire fell while crossing campus in March. She fractured her pelvis in several places. The good news is she is on the road to recovery. The bad news is she is still at home and confined to a wheelchair. We miss you Joyce. The place isn’t the same without you and Glider.

Dog Tales - Glider is Joyce McGuire’s Labrador puppy. He’s a Guide Dog from California and he and Joyce have been together since September. A few weeks ago she woke up at 2:30am to the sound of thumping on the bedroom floor. Apparently Glider was wagging his tail in his sleep - which presumably means he was having sweet dreams. We had no idea dogs had dreams. Her last dog didn’t have enough tail to make a noise with it. Tune in next time for more shaggy dog tales !!

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Radio Eye
Published quarterly by Central Kentucky Radio Eye, Inc University Station Box 1030 Lexington, KY 40506 (859) 257-2702.

Editor: Margaret Chase
Radio Eye is printed through the kindness and generosity of Ashland Inc.

Permission is granted to reprint any of this material as long as full credit is given, and the same permission is granted to other users. Central Kentucky Radio Eye is an independent, non-profit radio reading service for the print-handicapped population of Central Kentucky. We always welcome contributions of time or money from any interested party. If you want information about our free service, know someone who does, or would like to receive this newsletter,
please call us at (859) 257-2702 or email us at You may also visit our website at

CKRE Board of Directors
Tom Dixon, Chairman
Margaret Chase, Secretary
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer
Jeff Franklin, Linda Gorton, Marge Holmes,
Maggie Johnson, Jim Kemp,
Cheryl Neff, Herb Pettersen

CKRE Executive Committee
Tom Dixon, Chairman of the Board
Margaret Chase, Executive Director
Joyce McGuire, Office Manager
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer

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