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CKRE - Newsletter (Spring 2001)

Page 1 : Letter from Editor
Page 2 : Chairman’s Corner
Page 3 : Getting To Know Us
Page 4 : New Listeners
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Page 6 : Program Notes
Page 7 : Thank You Supporters
Page 8 : CKRE Wish List

Dear Listeners and Friends, Central Kentucky Radio Eye would like to say thank you for your kindness and generosity – both in recent months and throughout the year. Every donation, every letter of encouragement, and every phone call makes a difference to us.
As always, our grateful appreciation goes to the University of Kentucky for allowing us space for our studios, and to WUKY for their help and technology in getting our signal to our listeners. The Herald Leader continues to deliver three complimentary copies of the daily paper, and in November last year they again provided us with the facilities for our Annual Dinner. Once again the Lexington Lions Club stepped up to the plate, providing us with a generous increase in their annual donation. And since our founder, Al Crabb, retired in November we have benefited from the advice and support of many individuals.
Dr Crabb has been a hard act to follow. There have been minor setbacks, a few nerve racking moments, and we have had to learn how to cope in the odd emergency. But in spite of all this, our mission and our commitment have not changed. Our volunteers are a loyal and dedicated group and under the leadership of our new chairman, Tom Dixon, we intend to continue where Al left off. As long as we have listeners and friends who want and support our radio service, you can expect to hear CKRE voices on the air.

Sincerely, Margaret Chase

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We have had several bumps in the road and some detours since Al Crabb retired in November last year but things are now running smoothly. Our backbone remains with our volunteers and their efforts do not go unnoticed. Over the past several months we have been invited to speak to several groups including the Fayette Lions club, the Lexington Lions Club, two groups at the Wesley Methodist Village, and the Veteran’s Center in Wilmore. If you would like for us to speak to your neighborhood, professional or civic group, just call us at CKRE. We are currently exploring a number of avenues in order to extend our listening area to Louisville. This includes KET, THE Internet, satellite and special phone lines. We are also checking into the new “Internet Radio” system. A group of PBS stations in Louisville has promised to give us a sub-carrier frequency if we can get our signal to them. Finally, the month of May is Older American Month. The 17th annual program of “Meet the Challenges of Aging” is being held May 10th at the University of Kentucky Student Center. CKRE will have an exhibit table manned by board member Harold White (visually impaired) in the ballroom area. Harold will be the one with the flashing light! So please stop by and visit with him. Tell your friends and family. You may also know someone who could benefit from our Radio Reading Service. Harold will be more than willing to answer questions. He is also hoping to recruit new volunteers. For more information you can call him at 277-5365. Until next time.....

Tom Dixon

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These days, if you call Central Kentucky Radio Eye, the telephone will likely be answered by a member of the Executive Committee. The Committee, formed when Al retired, is responsible for the daily management and operation of the radio station. It’s members include Tom Dixon, chairman; Margaret Chase, director; and Joyce McGuire, our volunteer office manager - and we would like to tell you a bit about them.

A navy veteran and a native of Lexington, Tom Dixon joined CKRE in 1996 after retiring from his own business in the insurance industry. In the course of his career, he specialized in handling claims on such famous horses as Alydar and Secretariat. Tom is an active member in his church, and he and his wife Ruth have four lovely daughters and a son.

Originally from England, Margaret Chase worked for the Royal Society for the Blind until she and her husband moved to Bermuda. She’s been with CKRE over four years, and her claim to fame is that she was once introduced to The Queen of England! However, Margaret is now one of our newest citizens and wants to tell you she’s proud of it.

And last, but by no means least, Joyce McGuire has been with CKRE since 1990. A graduate of Transylvania and Lexington Theological Seminary, she is an ordained minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Joyce has served in churches in several states, specializing in Christian education and youth work. She’s currently involved in community concerns, competition swimming and - now that spring is here - catching up on her garden work.

And as our listeners have heard many times before – if you have any questions, comments or suggestions – please call us at 257-2702.

We are always in need of volunteers for everything from operating the control board to packing radio receivers. If you have a few hours to spare, we would love to have your join the team. Over the years, several visually impaired people have volunteered at CKRE. As many of your know, Joyce McGuire, our office manager, is legally blind. So don’t be deterred! Please give us a call at 859-257-2702

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CKRE welcomes the following new listeners:
Isaac Beatty, Raymond Cox, Marie H Colgan,
Eulene Fortune, Sylvia Howard, Nelle Johnson,
Celia Sanders, Andrew Lee Thomas, Eva Pauline Pullins,
Gussie Rice, Archie Yates, Betty Wayne

As most of our listeners know, CKRE volunteers read the obituary notices in the Lexington Herald Leader every day -- Monday through Saturday at 9am (Sunday’s at 10am). Due to the volume we give the name, age and city only but listeners are encouraged to call CKRE at 257-2702 for the full listing. A recent caller also took the time to say he thought our readers wer all “Angels” for bringing him the news every day. Wonderful calls like that certainly make the day of our volunteers. It’s a standing joke in the studio at CKRE that our volunteers are so dedicated they would probably come in and read their own obituaries!!

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Here are some of our great new voices, who read the
newspapers, magazines and health corner materials
at Central Kentucky Radio Eye:
Kathy Goss, Terry Green, Gwyn Singer, Patricia Wheatley

Our regular listeners to the Thursday morning reading of the Herald Leader will be pleased to know that Chris Ekris is back home recovering from recent surgery. We know he’s been missed - but we are pleased to let listeners know that Chris tells us he will be back soon.

There have been a number of changes to our programming recently. We will issue a new Guide as soon as possible.

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New Times - Now you can hear the Health Corner program at 10am Monday thru Friday before leaving the house for all those doctor appointments! And for our sports fans out there, may we suggest you enjoy your lunch break and tune into our Sports Program at the new time of 12.30pm Monday through Friday.

Health Corner - Diabetes and Skin Cancer Series: missed it earlier this year, we will be repeating our five part Diabetes Series and also our three part Skin Cancer Series. Listen for these in May. Meanwhile, we are planning more in depth series on special health issues such as diseases of the eye and osteoporosis. We will announce them in the coming weeks.

Kentucky Series - Monday through Friday at 12 noon: We are excited and proud to tell you we are partnering with KET television in their book club project called “What If All Kentucky Reads the Same Book?” To coincide with KET’s book selection for the month of May, we will began broadcasting The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver on Wednesday, April 23. There are more than 5000 people in Kentucky reading The Bean Trees and more are signing on each day with KET. Many are well known personalities such as Bernadette Mattox the University of Kentucky’s women’s basketball coach and Governor Paul Patton. You have joined this elite group just be listening to the book being read on CKRE! In more ways than one this is an opportunity for our visually impaired listeners to be recognized. Let people out there know you are very much a part of this community. Call KET television station at 1-800-334-8409 and let them know you want to be counted as a reader of The Bean Trees. Be sure to tell them you are legally blind and are listening to the book on Central Kentucky Radio Eye. It will take just over three weeks to air the entire book (ending on May 18). Even if you can’t join us every day, we welcome you to listen when you can. The Bean Trees is read by Maureen Wrobel, CKRE volunteer, and she does an excellent job of recapping the end of each episode before beginning the next.

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Central Kentucky Radio Eye, Inc thanks the following friends and supporters for their kindness and generosity:

WUKY and Roger Chesser
University of Kentucky and Paul Willis
Metropolitan Womens Club of Lexington
Lexington Lions Club
Lexington Herald Leader
Fayette Lions Club
Al Crabb
Bluegrass Runners
Bluegrass Council for the Blind
Louisville Courier Journal
Frankfort State Journal
Danville Advocate Messenger
Winchester Sun
Mt Sterling Advocate
Xerox Omnifax of Texas
Metro Homes, Lexington
Lexington Habitat for the Humanities
Great Harvest Bread Company, Lexington
First Link of the Bluegrass
Carl Perkins Vocational Rehabilitation Center
Ashland Inc

After serving for ten years, Steve Medley has resigned from the board of CKRE. As one of the original directors, and then later the secretary, his contribution to us has been invaluable. Our thanks and appreciation goes to Steve for his support and generosity over the years and for acting as the liaison between CKRE and the Lexington Herald Leader. He will be well and truly missed.

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Can you help? We need bottled water and a cooling dispenser for our readers. We also need copier paper.

In the last three months we have had to replace three boom microphone headsets, buy a new compact disc player and pay for repairs to a mini-disc player and our computer. This is just a small part of the basic equipment that keeps us going - and yet the cost of the replacement and repairs came to over $1,000. Can you possibly help us out? Any size gift would be truly appreciated. Please send what you can. It’s tax deductible and you would be helping us to stay on the air.

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Radio Eye
Published quarterly by Central Kentucky Radio Eye, Inc University Station Box 1030 Lexington, KY 40506 (859) 257-2702.

Editor: Margaret Chase
Produced with the help of Kathy Goss and the kindness and generosity of Ashland Inc

Permission is granted to reprint any of this material as long as full credit is given, and the same permission is granted to other users. Central Kentucky Radio Eye is an independent, non-profit radio reading service for the print-handicapped population of Central Kentucky. We always welcome contributions of time or money from any interested party. If you want information about our free service, know someone who does, or would like to receive this newsletter, please call us at (859) 257-2702.

CKRE Board of Directors
Tom Dixon, Chairman
Margaret Chase, Secretary
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer
Jeff Franklin, Linda Gorton, Marge Holmes,
Maggie Johnson, Jim Kemp, Cheryl Neff,
Herb Pettersen, Harold White

CKRE Executive Committee
Tom Dixon, Chairman of the Board
Margaret Chase, Executive Director
Joyce McGuire, Office Manager
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer

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