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Central Kentucky Radio Eye, Inc


Radio Eye
For listeners & friends of Central Kentucky Radio Eye
Editor: Margaret Chase

In the Fall 2001 edition:
It's Been Another Good Year for CKRE
Chairman's Corner
Reflecting On The Past Year by Al Crabb
Focus On One Of Our Volunteers - Matt Gibbs
Spotlight On A CKRE Listener - Nell Waldrop
Volunteers At CKRE
New Listeners - Welcome To CKRE
Program Notes
Thank You To The Friends Of CKRE

It's Been Another Good Year for CKRE

Hello again everyone - The 11th Annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, held at the Lexington Herald Leader on 8th November, was a great success. 67 people attended, and our appreciation goes to Marge Holmes, on our board of directors, who organized and took care of the arrangements. There was good food, good company, and some nifty door prizes from Verizon, Red Mile, KY Blood Center, Operation Read, Central Baptist Hospital and The Bloodhorse. And the Great Harvest Bread Company kindly donated loaves of honey wheat bread for everyone. Among the guests were several listeners. It's always a pleasure to meet the people we hope are out there listening to CKRE. Others included Roger Chesser, General Manager of WUKY-FM, who recently granted us another ten year contract to carry our signal to our listeners. Also present was Steve Medley representing the Herald Leader, who provide our complimentary daily newspapers and the use of the room for our Appreciation Dinner. Our thanks to everyone - both those who attended and those who support us - but most of all to our volunteers. Apart from the morning of Sept 11th when we switched to the InTouch Network in New York, CKRE has not missed a day on the air. That's quite an achievement for a radio station that is totally run by an all-volunteer staff and volunteer readers. And for those who like numbers: this year we had 75 volunteers (and one Labrador puppy) who put in a total of 6,275 hours. No doubt about it - it's been another good year at CKRE.

Sincerely, Margaret Chase
Executive Director

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Chairman's Corner

One of the nice benefits as Chairman is to speak to a number of different groups in our community and pass on the word about our service here at CKRE. This past year I had the opportunity to speak to the following groups: Fayette Women's Club; Rosemont Baptist Church, Senior Adults; Lexington Optimist Club, Bluegrass Chapter; KPR; Wesley Village; and Lexington Lions Club. If you would like a speaker for your group, call us at (859) 257-2702. After many stops and starts, we now hope to have our audio signal carried over the Lexington Public Library Cable Channel 20. We will be reading the Herald Leader, live from 8-10 every week day morning. There are several mechanical items to be completed but we now hope to be on the air by December 15, 2001. Finally, it is my pleasure to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed fellow volunteer, Margaret Chase, Executive Director of CKRE. This is in response to the excellent work that Margaret continues to carry out in connection with the management and operation of the radio station.

Tom Dixon

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Reflecting On The Past Year by Al Crabb

It has now been a year since I resigned as President of CKRE. As I look back, I am pleased and delighted at the way the board and the officers of CKRE have given the agency a new look and new directions. They have been raising funds to enable us to serve an even wider audience, and we have begun producing a regular newsletter. The Executive Committee has worked diligently to continue the daily broadcasts of newspapers and other materials, and have gone beyond to expand the listenership and to encourage new readers. It is now possible to keep and consult records more efficiently. The office looks much more professional without the stacks of papers that were a perennial feature of my desk. All this points to a degree of permanence and professionalism that we had desired in our formative years, but had not been able to achieve. I think we can assure our listeners that our agency will continue to listen to you and mold the service to the needs and interests you express. So please call CKRE - you know that number - and let them hear your ideas. Tell your readers that they are appreciated. And let your friends know you heard the news on CKRE.

Al Crabb

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Focus On One Of Our Volunteers - Matt Gibbs

Listeners to the CKRE Health Corner, broadcast at 10am Monday through Friday, will be familiar with the voice of Matt Gibbs. He reads many of the medical newsletters, and has also recorded several of our special health series. Matt began reading for CKRE in 1997, and since November last year he has also been responsible for most of the research and review of our health material, especially the information from the Internet. Matt, who is 70, spent over 30 years in the pharmaceutical business. He grew up in Corbin, but has lived in Lexington about 40 years. He's an active golfer and he likes to cook; and when he's not at CKRE, in front of the computer, or listening to classical music, he also volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. He and his wife Betty have three daughters, and six grandchildren - and we hear his favorite dessert is rhubarb pie and homemade ice cream! Earlier this month Matt underwent surgery, and although he is now back home he will be out of the office for several weeks. However, listeners will continue to hear his voice because he recorded some programs in advance. Thank you Matt - and get well soon, we all miss you.

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Spotlight On A CKRE Listener - Nell Waldrop

I met long time listener Nell Waldrop, 64, for the first time in October. It was also the first time I had ever "interviewed" one of our listeners, and consequently I was a bit nervous. However, from the moment I entered Nell's bedroom, with its pastel colored wallpaper and soft glowing lamp, she welcomed me with all the charm and grace of a southern lady. And in fact Nell and her husband, Guy, are from Alabama. They originally came here to attend Transylvania, but like many young couples stayed on to make Lexington their permanent home. They have three adult children - a daughter Robin and twins Larry and Carri - as well as a 2 year old granddaughter, Isabella, and a grandson who is "on the way." Guy is Regional Minister for the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ), in Kentucky, a position he has held since 1981.

Besides raising their family, Nell worked over 14 years in social services (Kentucky Dept for Human Resources) traveling throughout Fayette and 16 surrounding counties. During the 1975/76 Indo-Chinese resettlement she set up an office to deal with the refugees sent to Kentucky. With the assistance of a Vietnamese student from UK, Nell helped over fifty refugee families begin life anew. It was a time in her career when it helped to have a sense of humor, and she recalled an incident of one young Vietnamese man (who spoke no English.) He had been placed with a farmer who was thoroughly convinced he had acquired the services of indentured servant. Apparently, no amount of reasoning could get the farmer to change his behavior. So when Nell went out to the farm to rescue the young man - the sheriff rode with her, because Nell did not think she would be "warmly received!"

In 1977 Nell went from the placement of refugees, to the placement of student social workers. This in turn led to the position of Field Office Supervisor, with responsibility for ten social workers in family services, until her appointment in 1981 as District Monitor for the Bluegrass Region. In spite of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis the following year, Nell not only continued to work until she retired in 1988, she kept herself active as long as possible. She took up horseback riding for the handicapped; was responsible for helping to establish the Bluegrass MS Society and Support Group; and she participated in the first ever MS Walk that has now become an annual event, starting at the Red Mile.

Nell discovered CKRE through Joyce McGuire, who she met when they shared a ride on Wheels. Joyce suggested our service after Nell was no longer able to get out and about. That was over ten years ago, and she has had a radio ever since. Nell cannot hold a newspaper or turn a page, so she listens to the Herald Leader on CKRE. She likes the Opinions Page: both the editorials and the columnists. And when time permits she enjoys hearing the Danville Messenger read on Thursday mornings by Franklin McGuire. Although confined to bed, Nell's days are full with her caregiver, her listening activities, (she recommends Ann Perry mysteries on Talking Books) and the many friends and neighbors who stop by to visit. Her family all live locally, and Nell particularly delights in her young granddaughter, who sounds as though she will be bi-lingual. Isabella can already count in French, because her daddy - who is fluent - only speaks to her in the French language.

And after meeting Nell I can understand why she has lots of visitors. I had intended to stay for just an hour, but in the end was there much longer. Nell was so interesting to talk to that the time just seemed to disappear. It was a pleasure and an honor to be invited into her home for this interview.

Margaret Chase

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Volunteers At CKRE

New Volunteer Readers
A thank you and a welcome to CKRE's latest recruits: Jim Barton, Doris Glynn, Kevin Hong, Susan & Frank Lewis, Sarah Herbener, Mike Martin and Ami Piccirilli.

On the Mend
Betty Stewart, our Wednesday morning Courier Journal reader, was recently involved in a car accident. We're glad to say she's on the mend - and we hope she will be back in the near future.

A Special 'Honorary' Recruit
His name is Glider. He is 20 months old, and since the beginning of October he's been a regular visitor at CKRE. Originally from out West - he has a cute black nose; gentle, soulful eyes; and a splendid white coat. He's Joyce McGuire's new companion and friend. And in case you haven't guessed who this young man is: he's the Labrador puppy, and a graduate of Guide Dogs for the Blind from San Rafael in California! Glider and CKRE volunteer Joyce McGuire make a great team, having just completed a month of intensive training in California. We are glad to have him around, and we are happier still to have Joyce back at CKRE.

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New Listeners - Welcome To CKRE

Listeners find out about CKRE through their Vision Specialists, Dept for the Blind, Hospice of the Bluegrass, Neurologists and Physical Therapists to name a few. Then there is that good old fashioned way - word of mouth - which is how long time listener Nell Waldrop came to hear about us. If you know someone who is visually impaired, or is physically unable to read a newspaper through stoke or other disability, please tell them about our Radio Reading Service. And a big welcome goes out to the following new listeners:

Edgar W Baker
Frances Baxter
Myrtle Britton
Betty Bronston
Brenda Crawford
Richard Galvin
Hazel Graves
Katherine Mason
Mayfair Village
Mildred Maxey
Lillian Ryan
Beulah Sternberg

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Program Notes

This once a week, half hour reading covers everything from junk bonds, to mail fraud, to how will terrorist attacks affect my home owner's insurance - plus a whole lot more. The program contains material selected for the most interest to our listeners, and is taken from the Lexington Herald Leader, Louisville Courier Journal, Newsweek and other sources. So if you have not tuned in, give it a try. It's read by Tom Dixon on Saturday mornings at 10.30am.

This locally produced program is at 10am Monday through Friday. We read only from reliable sources, including health letters from Mayo Clinic, Harvard Health, and Johns Hopkins. Each Monday we feature material on Arthritis, read by CKRE volunteer John Middleton. Two upcoming Health Corner Series will include information on Nutrition taken from the Internet. Also "Health For Life" from a special fall/winter edition of Newsweek, and read by our popular CKRE health reader Maureen Wrobel.

We are fortunate that the publishers of the Kentucky Explorer very kindly provide us with complimentary copies of their great magazine. If you like a little history mixed in with a little nostalgia tune in for readings from Kentucky Explorer, weekdays at noon. Also, in December CKRE volunteer Gwyn Singer will be reading selected short stories.

Each afternoon and throughout the night CKRE provides our listeners with national newspapers and national magazines, via our satellite connection, to the InTouch Network in New York. Following September 11th their antenna on top of the World Trade Center was destroyed. However, we are pleased to tell you they have resumed their broadcast using temporary equipment, and CKRE listeners can once again hear the InTouch Network after our local programming finishes each day. So please stay tuned to CKRE - we are now back to our normal 24 hour service.

The CKRE Survey
We want to thank the listeners who responded to our recent survey. We had over 10% reply - though we wish it were more. If you were unable to fill out the survey, please call us at CKRE (859)257-2702 and we will ask you the questions over the phone. We will give you the final results in our next newsletter - meanwhile, it seems from your answers we appear to be doing most things right!

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Thank You To The Friends Of CKRE

The Board of Directors of Central Kentucky Radio Eye extend their sincere appreciation to the individuals and businesses whose generous donations continue to make our service possible:

Judy & Joseph Engelberg
Audrey Vough
Kentucky Explorer
Reba & Orville Vandermale
Steve Medley
Maggie Johnson
Margaret & Philip Chase
Marge Holmes
Fred Porter
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Gail Lincoln
Lorena Marcum
Doris & Robert Marshall
Edgar W Baker
Ken Caudill
Harvard Women's Health Watch
Barry Berry
Rosemont Baptist Church - Senior Adults
Charles V Courtiour
Central KY Area CFC


Birdie Louise and Reginald Hall
Our appreciation and thanks go to Scarlett Pottinger for a special gift to CKRE in memory of her beloved parents

Phil Muenks
Phil Muenks, who died Tuesday 31st July 2001, was a volunteer with CKRE for six years, two of which he regularly read the Saturday morning Herald Leader. Born in St Louis, MO on August 23 1935 he left behind 5 children and 11 grandchildren. Our thanks and appreciation to the following people for their kind donations in Phil's memory.

Anne & Bill Withington
Donna Beottner
Nancy & Fred Davis
KY Utilities Technology
Bridgett & John Garratt
Nelle B O'Daniel
David Tsui
Vannes Inman

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CKRE Board of Directors

Tom Dixon, Chairman
Margaret Chase, Secretary
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer
Jeff Franklin
Linda Gorton
Marge Holmes
Maggie Johnson
Jim Kemp
Cheryl Neff
Herb Pettersen
Harold White

CKRE Executive Committee

Tom Dixon, Chairman of the Board
Margaret Chase, Executive Director
Joyce McGuire, Office Manager
Dr Dan Fulks, Treasurer

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Radio Eye

Published quarterly by
Central Kentucky Radio Eye, Inc
University Station Box 1030
Lexington, KY 40506
(859) 257-2702

Editor: Margaret Chase
Produced with the help of Kathy Goss and the kindness and generosity of Ashland Inc

Permission is granted to reprint any of this material as long as full credit is given, and the same permission is granted to other users. Central Kentucky Radio Eye is an independent, non-profit radio reading service for the print-handicapped population of Central Kentucky. We always welcome contributions of time or money from any interested party. If you want information about our free service, know someone who does, or would like to receive this newsletter, please call us at (859) 257-2702.

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