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Latest News
(Last Updated: 3/29/99)

Membership Drive Under Way Now

Freshman and Sophomores Show Early Interest in AED

In an era of wait and see attitudes, first and second year pre-medical students are showing unprecedented eagerness to join the nation's largest pre-med honor society, AED.

Speculation has it that these students want to know early the parameters that are set by the nation's medical colleges and universities. AED helps guide students throughout their pre-med careers. Waiting until you are a junior or senior to discover the med school requirements will put a student in a "catch up" mode and at a competitive disadvantage with students who have sought out AED guidance for four years.

UK's Pre-Med Honor Society does more than guide your undergrad curriculum. AED gives you access and opportunity to be a part of several community service programs. These programs are important for application to medical school.

But what about the junior or senior who has not joined AED. It is never too late! Guest speakers, study groups, community service projects, and more, makes AED a great choice.

Study Sessions

AED is planning on holding study sessions for chemistry, physics, and biology courses. If you would be interested in attending these sessions, sign up on email at:

This is AED Secretary, Megan Hunter's email...tell her what courses you would like to attend.

AED Minutes

AED Secretary, Megan Hunter, files the following meeting notes for the 9/23/98 meeting:
Attendance - 71
Speaker - Dr Carol Elam (UK College of Medicine Dean of Admissions)
New Member Registration

AED Premedical Honor Society Meeting

The next AED meeting will be on Wednesday, December 9 at 6:45PM in the Young Library Auditorium. The guest speaker for the meeting will be Dr. Strosneider, Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pikeville, KY. Everyone (members and non-members) are welcome.

The college opened in 1996. It specializes in Primary Care and offers special programs and scholarships for students willing to stay and practice medicine in the Appalachia area. This should be an interesting meeting that gives some insight on the conditions and progress of medical care in Eastern KY. Admissions information will be provided for interested students.

Dean Howard Grotch To Address AED Nov. 16

Dr. Howard Grotch, the new Dean of Arts & Sciences, will speak to the UK AED Honor Society on Monday, November 16 at 6:45pm in the Young Library Auditorium.

Other UK faculty and guests will be present for this time with Dean Grotch. Faculty members from the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics will be on hand to hear Dr. Grotch's message to AED as well as other campus leaders.

AED has planned an exceptional year filled with excellent speakers. Presenters from other disciplines of medicine, including, but not limited to, Audiology, Optometry, Podiatry, Osteopathy, and Chiropractic will help guide pre-med students in their endeavors to go into medical practice and care for patients and their illnesses, rehabilitation, or wellness programs.

Transylvania University Pre-Med Students Join UK AED

Transylvania University students will join UK Pre-Med Honor Society Students at AED meetings during the 1998-99 academic year. Faculty and students at transy are applying for a charter to the national AED office and UK's Beta Chapter of AED is extending a helping hand by inviting these future health professionals to meetings and functions.

UK Med School Dean of Admissions, Dr. Carol Elam, made the suggestion to UK AED officers. Attending these meetings may reduce Transylvania's wait time for application approval.

Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Chapter, at UK wishes Transy good luck this year. Welcome to AED.

Service Projects
(Last Updated: 11/3/98)

Kate Miller has set the following dates at Shriner's Hospital for AED:

October 8
October 29
November 5
December 1

Students are to be there from 7pm until 8pm. Students should meet behind the Biological Sciences building at 6:30pm. Kate has put together a fun night for the kids at Shriner's Hospital. AED volunteers will be serving ice cream and learning about the children and their lives.

You can sign up for the different sessions. If you have any questions please e-mail (


V.P. Trey Crawford, a senior from Louisville, says this AED year will be the best ever. "We are experienced and very energetic. Members will get tangled up in the excitement and have a great year," says Crawford.

As a matter of fact, all officers this year are seniors except for one, a junior biology major, Doug Souleyrette. Kate Miller, AED's pledge trainer, has a lot in store for this year's new members. Kate is a senior and biology major.

This year's officers are:

President: Delbert Ault
Vice President: Trey Crawford
Secretary: Megan Hunter
Treasurer: Ryan Krebs
Pledge Trainer: Kate Miller
Historian: Doug Souleyrette
Communications: Kevin Hong
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sheldon Steiner


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Misc. Information

1999 MCAT Dates

April 17, 1999
August 21, 1999

For more information concerning the MCAT and the whole admissions process, visit the AAMC Website.

For information regarding various test prep courses, check out the following links:

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Each of these links offers information on their specific courses and services as well as valuable info dealing with the admission process, MCAT and enrollment statistics at numerous medical schools across the country, and much more.

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